Document Checklist

Document Checklist

Documentation can be provided by:

  • Email:
  • Post: 302/32 Warleigh Grove, Brighton VIC 3186
  • Client Portal: If you are an existing client and do not have access to our client portal please email us to request access

Please provide the following documents (copies or originals) where applicable for the period starting 1 July through to 30 June.

1. Bank Statements - Please write a brief description next to each transaction.

2. Share Purchases and Sales: 
     a) Transaction Summary Statement – detailing all share purchase and sales

     b) Buy and Sell Contract notes & reinvestment details

3. Other Asset Purchases and Sales - documentation evidencing the details of the investment.

4. Income from Assets - please provide details of any income such as share dividend statements.

5. Contributions - for any contributions please specify the type (i.e. Employer or Personal), the member to which it relates, and the amount.

6. Rollover Documentation - if any members had a rollover from another Fund during the financial year, then please provide the ‘Rollover Benefit Statement’.

 7. Summary of Assets owned as at 30 June - please provide a Portfolio Statement Summary (by 3rd party such as CommSec) of shares owned and a summary of any other assets owned as at 30 June.

If you are a new client to Just Superfund please also provide the following documents (copies or originals):

       1. Latest Signed Trust Deed

       2. Prior year signed Financial Statements, Member Statements & Annual Return

       3. Prior year signed Audit Report & Management Letter (if one was provided)