Annual Compliance


  • Preparation of all the annual reporting requirements including:
    Statement of Financial Position, Profit & Loss Statement, Member
    Statements, Investment Reports, Trustee Resolutions & Minutes,
    Annual Return, and Independent Audit.

New SMSF Establishment


  • We attend to every requirement to establish your SMSF including
    providing you with the Trust Deed and other legal documents and
    attending to registration with the ATO.
  • *Setup fee is $0 if you choose Individual Trustees, if you require
    us to setup a Company to be trustee of the SMSF then a fee of $599

Actuarial Certificate


  • The Actuarial Fee is payable annually only if required (that is a
    Member of your SMSF who had commenced a Pension, had a balance in
    their Accumulation Account at anytime during the financial

BGL Simple Fund Conversion


  • We do not charge a fee to convert the historical data of an SMSF
    to our administrative software platform.

Superannuation Rules


  • Please contact us if you require information on superannuation

Taxation Advice & Strategies

Fixed Upfront

  • Please contact us to discuss tax minimisation strategies specific
    to your situation.

Document Processing


  • Documents uploaded to our client portal or emailed to us are
    included in our annual yearly fee. If however documents are posted
    to our office there is an additional $55 fee to cover the cost of
    scanning, processing and return postage.

Deed Variation Or Fund Changes


  • Our deed updates are provided with full legal oversight and
    contain the most up to date SMSF provisions.
  • Trustee Appointment or Removal, Member Appointment or Removal, or
    Change of Fund Name.

Death Benefit Agreement


  • In the event of your death, this binds the remaining trustees to
    distribute your death benefits in accordance with your

Pension Commencement


  • A one off establishment fee for documentation to commence an
    ABP or TRRP. Just Superfund will provide a comprehensive package
    inclusive of:
  • * Minimum Pension Calculations* Maximum pension calculations (TTRP
    only)* Draft Minutes* PAYG Withholding Registration (Fund member is
    under 60 years of age)* Tax File Number Declaration (Fund member is
    under 60 years of age)* Advice of PAYG Withholding Tax (Fund member
    is under 60 years of age)* Product Disclosure Statement* Pension



  • An SMSF must use the transfer balance accounts report (TBAR) to report transfer balance cap events to the ATO.
    An SMSF must report events that affect a member's transfer balance account.
    Common events are: details of when a member commences a retirement phase income stream, including death benefit income streams.
    Details you need to provide include: type of income stream, the value, start date.

Fund Wind Up


  • If you decide to wind up your fund Just Superfund will provide
    a step by step instruction of what steps you need to perform,
    will assist in rolling over your assets to any other fund as
    well as lodge any necessary paperwork with the Australian Tax

Electronic Service Address (ESA)


  • An Electronic Service Address to allow SMSF’s to receive superstream contribution data sent by employers, manage and process release authorities and rollovers in a compliant way.

ASIC Registered Agent


  • Professional services in relation to dealing with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission requirements and solvency resolution.

Contravention Report


  • Preparation of an Auditor Contravention Report (ACR) due to a qualified audit report resulting from a contravention to Superannuation Law.